Autumn Sunset

12 October 2012

Dress: eBay; Skirt: Forever 21; Jacket: H&M;
Belt: Topshop; Necklace: ASOS;

Paired it with chelsea boots for a more casual look. Dress seems like a bright red on camera but in real life, it's more like a dull red. Similar to burgundy I guess. Bought this dress off eBay, tried it on and I cannot believe how short the underskirt is! It had barely covered my bum. Luckily I had a red bodycon skirt that I can wear underneath which isn't a problem. I also bought this dress in a nude pink which means I'm going to have to invest in a nude like colour bodycon. I really love these style dresses. If anyone is interested, the link is here. It's getting quite chilly here. Must wrap up everyone!

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  1. Such a beautiful dress. Love how you combined it with the biker jacket. (:


  2. What a lovely dress :)
    I saw the stock photo on the ebay, it look gorgeous in burgundy!!


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