Marie Beauty Transparent Eye Cream False Eyelashes Glue

19 September 2012


Had bought this the same time as my other eyelash glue. This one isn't as good. The consistency is more of a gel than a cream as stated on the packaging. Using this is quite messy. As you take the brush out, it has a stringy consistency if that makes sense? Like wispy, weblike string comes out the tube. Hard to explain. It's quite hard to apply onto the lashes and takes a while to dry. Didn't last long once dried. If you didn't use water to remove the lashes and just peeled it, it feels like it peels a bit of your skin along with it. I wouldn't recommend this in general. Short review as there is nothing else to really say about this.

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  1. Thanks still for the review! I was thinking of buying it. I think you saved me from this. :)

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