Graduation Ball

12 June 2012

I had my graduation ball last Thursday and it was amazing! Silent disco, fun fair, Skepta, etc! This is what I had wore:

Dress: Rare London
Bag: Select
Shoes: New Look

Glad I had purchased the shoes made of patent. It was raining which also meant it was muddy. :(. Patent can be easily cleaned! Was close to buying suede heels too. The bustier on the dress is leather while the skirt part is chiffon. Dress looked amazing in the wind! Was very windy if I must say. It had flowed beautifully and my friends say it's like Marilyn Monroe! Lol.

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  1. This outfit is so elegant :) I love how the entire outfit is nude too!

  2. lovely outfit! I like the cut of the dress too.

  3. Love your dress, the contrast of the leather and chiffon.

  4. Very pretty, simple and stylish! Like it!

  5. lovely dress.. pretty outfit ^^

  6. Amazing dress, so pretty on you!!


  7. The dress is ethereal!
    Loved the clutch & shoes too!
    Came here blog hopping.
    Do drop by my blog too sometime! :)
    Fashion Panache


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