Barcelona Haul

04 June 2012

First of all, I went to Barcelona a week and a half ago and it was AMAZING! Secondly, I had my purse stolen which meant I couldn't purchase a lot of things. FML. Worse thing that had happened to me. Lost everything from bank cards to driver's license but luckily it didn't have all my money or passport. Ruined my day but didn't let it ruin the rest of my holiday. I love the fashion style over there and I wanted to puchase many clothing items such as blazers, tops, shoes, bags, everything!

Purse from Stradivarius (€10)

Owl necklace from a market (€4).

Barcelona bear keyring from Barcelona El Prat Airport (€2.50).

La Sagrada Familia cutout postcard from La Sagrada Familia (€1).

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  1. Love the purse/wallet. That sucks about your purse being stolen. When I'm travelling I generally keep my ID and almost all of my cash in the hotel room safe and keep minimal money and maybe a credit card while I'm out. Glad to hear it didn't ruin the rest of your trip though :)

  2. Oh no!! Sorry to hear about your purse!

  3. That purse reminds me of Pokemon for some reason LOL! :P


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