Bye Bye Roots, Hello Blonder Hair

28 April 2012

When you dye your hair, you get roots which is annoying. We all know that blonde hair is high maintenance especially if you have blonde hair. I did my roots back in March, 25th to be exact and ended up going blonder. So here is my roots:

Not a lovely sight right?

So here is the process:
Products used:
Smartbeauty Smart Blonde in Platinum
Clairol Nice ' n Easy in 102G Natural Light Golden Blonde
John Frieda Sheer Blonde Color Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo

Firstly bleached my roots and after 30 minutes, added the rest of the bleach to the rest of my hair and left it on for another 20 minutes. This is the result:

Had some platinum areas on my hair. Waited a week and had used my John Frieda shampoo to get rid of any brassiness etc. Even though I disliked this shampoo, I'm not letting it go to waste and had seen a little bit of results making my hair less brassier. Conditioned, not used heat products etc.

After the week, had used the Clairol hair dye. Followed the instructions and here is the result:

Left: Before, Right: After.
Hello blonder hair! Before it was ash beige blonde and now it is noticeably lighter as you may be able to tell from the pictures. My hair is still in great condition. Ends are a little dry but else where, it's not really damaged. I am actually surprised but it shows how much I take care of my hair.

Two weeks later, my roots start showing through. My hair grows so fast. Its been a month now and I've got half an inch of roots. Not going to dye it until July before my graduation. So I'll have to live with roots.

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  1. The color looks really nice now! I hate root regrowth too :(

    1. thank you :) wish what every colour i dyed it, the natural hair olour change too XD

  2. ^.^ nice colour! if the colur isn´t so much lighter than my own haircolour I usually use highlights to make the change over less noticable :)

  3. I love that color blonde! But yes, roots are the biggest downside to dying your hair T^T

  4. Love your hair colour! It looks so soft after bleaching too

    1. it is so soft XD friends hair is like cardboard after theyve bleached it o.o

  5. Do you live in California ? I've looked everywhere and cant find the smart blond anywhere ! Please Reply ! Please contact me on facebook anyone who has an answer for me thank you <3 xoxo


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