Triangle Collar

04 March 2012

Still need to clean the nail polish around my fingers. T_T. This look reminds me of shirt collars and the pearls and rhinestones are the buttons. Used tape to create the shape and straight line, however it still isn't perfect.


Products used:
Nails Inc in Basil Street
MUA Nail Varnish in Shade 2
Maybelline Ultra Strong 3 in 1
Pearl wheel
Rhinestone set

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  1. Looks cute! :) I tried creating tuxedo nails but I removed it afterwards because I had to redo them 100 times. Don't really have the patience :(

    1. lol dont get me started! i did them before i slept and couldnt get the lines straight and was so annoyed. removed them then did them the next day. the times i had to do them is countless!

  2. Good Idea!
    I´ll try this tomorrow :)

  3. Ohhh~ I wanna try this as well! With tape ♥ maybe on a ring finger tomorrow. (:
    Great inspiration, thanks :*

  4. looks really cute and sophisticated.. like a tuxedo! haha. One suggestion I have to make it even more bling is to add a silver or gold lining between the black and nude.

    1. the funny thing is that i was going to do that then didnt have the colours :( we think a like haha

  5. I just tried them out now, and they look absolutely fabulous ! So lovely, its a great idea !


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