March's Collective Haul

30 March 2012

Think this is all I have bought this month?! Can't remember exactly everything. I should have kept a not. of it. Will have to do it next time! ^^.

Hair dye and hair bleach as my roots were ridiculous! Will post about it.

Garnier Nutrisse Radiant Blonde in Very Light Ash Beige Blonde x2
Smartbeauty Smart Blonde in Platinum x3 (3 for 2 in Superdrug).

VO5 Hot oil treatment:

Revlon Lipbutters:

L - R: Sugar Frosting, Cupcake, Cotton Candy, Strawberry Shortcake, Sweet Tart, Peach Parfait.

Contrast blouse from Diffuse:

Suspender tights from Primark:

Have you bought anything this month?

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  1. I love those suspender tights! Wish I could find something similar here (in the US).

    I Am Not High Fashion

    1. awww im sure you can get them online on ebay ^^

  2. Nice haul! OMG to the Relvon Lipbutters for finally coming to the UK! Only mangaged to pick some up a few days age...I'd been waiting for so long!

    Btw I've decided to give you the Versatile Blog Award!
    Link to my post for more info (:

      I am a failure at copying and pasting =_=

    2. thank you sweetie :) cant believe we had to wait months for them to come out. they were sold out everywhere once theyve been released :( but had to wait a while and kept checking places lol was worth it XD

  3. i've always wondered, how come you buy drugstore hair colour and bleach rather than salon products? it's so much cheaper XD

    1. haha yeah it is. ive always dyed and bleached my hair at home. dont trust hairdressers lol

    2. no no, i mean, why the drugstore box colour instead of getting a tub of powder bleach, creme peroxide and a tube of hair colour cream XD it's much cheaper that way in the long run and you can achieve greater colour lift :P

    3. ohhh i see haha yes, a definite high colour lift :D up to 7 shades lighter! :D


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