Chosungah Luna 3D Cheek and Eye Print

13 December 2011

Could this be the new revolution to applying makeup? There's currently Eye Majic instant eyeshadow, however, this is a palette and you just require a sponge applicator to apply it as compared to a paper like application. Chosungah Luna is a Korean brand and is only exclusive to Korea. Maybe in other asian countries too.

I don't understand Korean so I won't be able to translate it.
Palette and 3 sponge applicators shaped.
The palette consists of a natural everyday eyeshadow, smokey eyeshadow and a bronzer and highlighter in one.
Comes in two shades:

If this was launched worldwide, would you purchase it?

Image credits: Google Images.

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  1. I would defnitely buy it provided ive seen reviews that it work. and it's cute anywaysw. I suck at makeup and having guide line is awesome. I hope the cuteness isnt sacrificing quality. :D Have you seen l'oreals version of this? Is that what u meant in your first paragraph?thanks for bringing this up :Dmaybe somehow i could 'make' this ;)

  2. hihihi!: i haven't seent the l'oreal version. dont think its release in the uk :( all i know is that theyve released a foundation with a roller. the eye majic is the paper application

  3. I like this one more then the other versions of like products of this!

  4. I've seen the L'oreal version of this but apparently it doesn't work as well? I havent seen this one before but it looks really cute ^^

  5. I can't imagine this being accurate with a smooth finish. i'd imagine you'd need some sort of technique with applying this? xxx

  6. The colors look more appealing to me than the ones L'Oreal released, but I still don't think they can achieve perfect results on everyone. Different shapes and sizes and only one size/shape applicator?

  7. this is interesting! I also love the shades that came with it.

  8. this is veryy interesting a must buy for me^^


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