Halloween and Yesterday's Shopping

03 November 2011

Long time no post ey?! Sorry, busy with university as the usual and things popping up so no time to blog. Went to a halloween party on Friday where Traphik and Lil Crazed are the special guests and performed live! I ended up missing the performance. =___=. This is What I dressed up as:

Went on a shopping trip yesterday to de-stress from everything. This is what I bought:
Gold glitter wedge heel from Select (£20 but got it for £17 with student discount):
They had it in black glitter wedge heel online but not instore. Wanted both!

Snake shoulder bag from Select (£6):
Can be used as a clutch too!

Grey wool knee high socks from New Look (£3.99):

Duck egg blue blouse from Primark (£10):

Floral wellies from Priceless Shoes (£17):
Bought them last week.

What did you guys dressed up as for halloween?

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  1. really love the Duck egg blue blouse

  2. where did you get your boxer outfit? nice X

  3. Loving your new wedges & that blouse! ♥

  4. Omg! I LOVEEE those rain boots! SO CUTE!

  5. I think I saw u last Friday in bham at the club but u looked quite out of it... looool :P


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