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15 November 2011

In the previous post, I said that I'll show you the 2 dresses I bought. Bought these from http://www.missguided.co.uk/. Great range of clothes, shoes and accessories! Free next day delivery since I had spent over £45. Both dresses were £24.99 each. I was reluctant to buy 2 dresses at the same time but then thought, why not! Treat myself plus I can wear them for special occasions.

First dress:
Close up of the detail:
Worn in my previous post: http://yuk-lui.blogspot.com/2011/11/ootn-contrast-lace.html. I did not wear the skinny belt that was included.

Second dress:
Close up of the detail:

Close up of the detail:
Padded cups, love the mesh design.

Both dresses are a bit big on me. I've been ranting about them on twitter about the size and they don't have them in a smaller size. Gutted. I must remember to buy a size smaller when purchasing from this site.

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  1. Both of them are gorgeous~ it's a shame they're big! :(
    I've been browsing through that site myself & I've been tempted by a few things, but I'm wondering what the quality is like? Sadly some stuff looks really cheap.

  2. They're all really cutee!

  3. Shame that they're a little too big. I love the designs though, especially the second one! It's so fashionable. ^^

  4. its a shame they are a bi big on you :( perhaps bring them into your tailor to customize a bit? sometimes spending a little more so then you can wear stuff actually saves you more money than not fixing it and not wearing it at all! i really dig the black dress back :p

  5. I'm loving these dresses. The second one more than the first though, but they are so cute. Are the fabrics comfortable or not so much?

  6. Tori: yeah theyre pretty good quality. better than primark.

    elle: thank you for the suggestion! :)

    Y A C C H I: they are comfortable. I can move around easily and with them being a bit big makes it more comfortable


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