Late Autumn

18 October 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts. University is keeping me really busy especially since it's my final year. The UK is finally having autumn weather! Seems more like winter weather since it's really cold after a heatwave for the past few weeks. This is what I wore today:
Absolutely love the top!!!
Peach knit top from Primark
High waisted shorts from River Island
Suspender tights from New Look
Black bow pumps from Pavers

Lenses review up next!
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  1. good luck with school :)
    Cute outfit ^^

  2. wat a cute outfit. the stalkings make it look smexy =>

  3. I love the colour of that peach knit top, it's so divine! <3

  4. Looking gorgeous! ♥ I love your hairstyle too~

  5. Sweet outfit. When will U have black hair with violet?

  6. thanks guys ^^
    Gyaruru: im not sure. i keep changing my mind! LOL

  7. i want your body ;w;
    but stay warm too, the weather is getting chilly! xx


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