Want to Dye Your Hair But Not Sure What Colour?

23 October 2011

Have there been times where you don't know what colour you want to dye you're hair or whether if a particular colour will suit you or not? There's a website that allows you to try the colours! It contains all the hottest colours. Nothing extreme like pink, blue, green. Just the typical blonde, brown and black colours. The downside of this is that some of the colour and colour descriptions don't really match.

I've been playing with this and it's so much fun! Here are my results:

L: Platinum, R: Vanilla Blonde

L: Golden Blonde, R: Ash Blonde

L: Strawberry Blonde, R: Red

L: Copper, R: Auburn

L: Mahogany, R: Ash Brown

L: Golden Brown, R: Reddish Brown

L: Darkest Brown, R: Black

Link here: http://www.taaz.com/makeover.html#tab=cyoh

Have you played with it? What colours did you think suited you?

Have fun!

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  1. oooh that's pretty cool! I always PS my hair to see judge... xD

  2. This was WAY cool! Both me and my husband enjoyed it! LOL

  3. Hey! I've been wanting to change my hair color and looking for virtual makeover website! Thanks for sharing, Nicol^^

    Those colors look good on you, especially the auburn colors (my opinion)


    Dreamy Princess

  4. i think everything matches you amazingly!!! lucky you :D

  5. this is so cool :D gonna play around on it ^^ thanks for sharing!

  6. Strawberry blonde looks really good on you! Xx

  7. Haha! I do this on photoshop all the time! :3 Thanks for sharing a website though!

  8. Hi Nicol! :) may I know what hair dye do you use in general? Oh and I will be applying to Uni (in the uk as I'm from uk too) soon and will be applying for IT related courses such as computing and business information technology, and as you know I'll be applying through UCAS, however I'm struggling with how to start and write my personal statement, I have no clue on how or what to write to express my interest in IT and could you please help me out by giving me some advice/guidance/examples pretty please as im aware you study computer science and I know no other girls who take or are applying for an IT related course.

  9. Wow, that's pretty cool! I actually think you pretty much suit all the colours, haha XD

  10. haha thanks guys!

    Anonymous: hey, do you want to email me at yuk_luiwong@hotmail.com so I can give you ideas and possibly give you a look at my personal statement :)


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