Meeting the Bf's Parents

01 September 2011

Went to Liverpool yesterday to meet up with my bf and I was meeting his parents that day so decided to go for a formal, casual and not over the top look. Got a good first impression and they liked me! :)

I'm at my parents house when I took these pictures:
Black vest top from H&M
Black blazer from H&M
Grey hotpants from Republic
Criss cross tights from New Look
Black bow pumps from Pavers Shoes
Heart diamantie earrings from New Look

Didn't bring any accessories with me. :(

Happy September everyone!

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  1. Cute outfit ^^ your BF is lucky ;)

  2. Were you in Liverpool town yesterday? I swear I walked past you or at least your doppelganger and I thought "I'm sure I read that girl's blog!" If it wasn't then I hope the girl didn't catch on to me looking at her for a second too long...awkward! x

  3. Cute outfit... best of luck... hope it all went well :)

  4. I love the tights! I wish I could see the shoes :(

  5. Omg that's such a cute outfit! I really love the design on your stockings~ ^^


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