Flower Hair Bun/No Heat Curling

29 August 2011

Doing a tutorial on this hair style I did a over a month ago as this is requested a lot and haven't really had the chance to do it. It's taken me a while because of the picture and the explanations. Was difficult. I've not seen anyone do it this way before so guess I'm the first!
This is the end look:
For more pictures:

Hopefully you understand this! Sorry if you don't. Taking pictures was hard so please understand that they're not the best.

1. Tie hair up into a ponytail.

2. On the last tie, don't fully pull the hair through. Pull it through a little bit so it can make a small loop.
So you get something like this:

3. Feed your thumb and forefinger through a single tie strand rather than the whole tie.

4. Using your other hand, grab the rest of the hair and put it securely between the thumb and forefinger.

5. Pull it through so you get a loop. You can adjust how big or small the loop is depending on how much you pull through but having a small loop is more secure and sturdy compared to a large one.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 for the rest of your hair. If there is a little bit that cannot be fed through, use a bobby pin to pin it down on your head.

7. Lightly spray with hairspray. You can mess around with it if you want a more messier look. Can always add a hair decoration.

Hope that helps! I've also done an illustration to explain the tutorial and the threading fingers, pull hair etc (Click image to enlarge):

If you leave the hair in the flower bun overnight or for a few hours then you'll get this type of curl:

So this is kind of like a 2 in 1 tutorial. Hope this post is ok! Tried doing a video but it failed.

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  1. Your hair is so gorgeous~ the bun looks great too! ♥

  2. whoaaa your hair looks AMAZING! this is so simple :) i wish i hadn't cut my hair so i could try this :) thanks for the easy tutorial, nicol!

    pandaphilia fashion

  3. Those curls are so nice!! O_O You should make a video tutorial!

  4. sweet :)) thanks for telling s i bet everyone well be rocking it now. well, except for me. cause i have short hair ;) thanks! i think i undestood it well! :) and the curl is a cool effect!did u make this up? lovely :)

  5. this looks great! :) looks so wavy and natural~

  6. Wow! the result is amazing. Love your hair!!(:

    Dreamy Princess

  7. you have AMAZING hair!!! so jelly!!!

  8. dude, you have an awesome hair! i wish my hair would just grow already so i could do stuffs with my hair! =p


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