Flower Bun

01 July 2011

Happy July everyone! :)
I called it a flower bun as it is a bun that resembles a flower in a distinctive way.
Without flash from above:
With flash from above:
Top of the head:
Side of the head:
With this look, I was able to create curls without any heat! If you follow my facebook page, this is the way I create curls without heat. I will do a tutorial on it. It's easy and a lot quicker than doing an actual bun in my opinion.

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  1. That's so cute! Love it! Looking forward to see your tutorial on this bun! ^_^

  2. omg that looks so cute and creative, flowers are soo cute ^^ i can't wait for the tutorial! I can't believe it's "easier" than a bun..;)

  3. I love it! ;) please share~

  4. yay for tutorial (: it looks really cutee

  5. thats a really cool hair style :) tutorial please ;)))

  6. cute and the color of your hair looks pretty.


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