Bye For Now

27 June 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts. Been neglecting the blog for a bit since I've recently broke up with my boyfriend. So been recovering from all the heartache and tears and drama. Been ill too.

Last Thursday was the last night out with some of my friends before they go off to work for a year. So I won't see them for a good 6 months or more. Last get together and I really miss them now.

This was my OOTN:
Coral Paris crop top from Quiz
High waisted, ribbed, black skirt from New Look
Black hells from Primark
Small, black clutch from Accessorize

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  1. same here, im broken hearted too :( dont worry it will all be okay, maybe not now but sooner or later. cheer up Nicol ^^

  2. hey!! i bet there's ppl lining up to be friends with u ^^ please feel better and u have an awesome sense of style :) read a joke book with a new guy ^^

  3. I'm so sorry that you broke up... but cheer up, girl! ♥ Sooner or later all will be better. Love your blog and I will be patient! I will wait for our new posts! :D

  4. Ohh I'm so sorry ! I really wish the best fot you.

    You are sooo beautifull and I'm sure outside is somebody who will really make you happy!


  5. wow soo pretty^^
    i Love the t-shirt..

  6. Hope your heart heals soon :( Illness always comes with heart ache, its the bodies way of coping with what the brain is going through. You look lovely though, so I hope things get better for you soon! <3

    Kitty x

  7. Cheer up dear!

  8. ~hug~ I hope it helps to know that all your readers are here for you.

  9. Sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better soon my dear!

  10. I hope you are feeling alright now. Ah.. finally I could see you wearing that Paris top! I like it!

  11. hey girl~ hope things brighten up for you~~ xx

  12. stay strong! You're not alone even your friends are not with you in person.


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