Regarding the Dress From Last Post

10 May 2011

From the previous post, I asked what colour for that specific dress. Then found out they did custom colours. Now what colour? I do agree that white is more for a wedding.

I was thinking colour 42? Any other suggestions?

Sorry for being soooo indecisive and thank you guys! :) Click to enlarge:

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  1. AHH so many colours to choose from!! I've wired it down to ..

    80 or 27 :)

  2. it become harder now! too many choices @__@

  3. i think 39 is so gorgeous :)
    at h&m
    euro size 2 is like a size xxs in us, so i would say 00
    euro size 4 is like size xs in us, a 0 or 1
    in uk sizes, i'm not sure but i think h&m's size 2 would fit you wonderfully. they don't have size 0

  4. 42 looks great. pastels are definitely in and i think pastels look great on you. my choices are: 30, 39, 41, 42 and 43.

    by the way, if it won't take so much of your time, i need your help. please visit my blog for more details. thank you!

    much love,

  5. I like 42 and 5. I like how the white looks but like everyone said it reminds me of a wedding dress. Also, it will probably get dirty real easily. The dress looks like it might touch the floor. You might end up spending the whole night trying to make sure the back doesn't drag the floor. I picked 5 because it's still a light color but if it gets a little dirty it wouldn't be as noticeable.

    <3 S.

  6. wow the colour are amzing love the choses..

  7. 42 is nice if you want a neutral colour, I just hope it won't be too sheer :/
    For something with more colour, I like 39, 51 and 60. Those colours are perfect for spring and summer :)


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