[OOTD] Hello Spring!

09 April 2011

It's been a gorgeous few days here in the UK. The sun is out and is around 19 degrees C average. I think it's still a bit cold. This is my OOTD:

Just got ready now and heading out.

White vest top from Sogo (Hong Kong)
Grey hotpants from Republic
Red checkered shirt from Hollister (Boyfriend's shirt xD)
Black with turquoise heels from Priceless Shoes
Black bag from Primark

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Will reveal the mystery goodies on my birthday (Monday).
Have a lovely day beauties!

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  1. I love this outfit:]
    Especially the plaid shirt, so cute!

  2. I've got those shoes, although...I wore them out the other night and I've never felt so much foot pain since I wore my VW Melissa Lady Dragons and THAT'S saying something! :O

    They're well cheap though so it's not a big deal ;)


  3. The outfit is so layback but stil very stylish and cute :D

  4. nice outfit.



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