New Haircut

19 April 2011

5 inches shorter!
Not really. :P

I woke up like this as I slept with my hair tied up. Saw it in the mirror and it looked like someone had cut my hair. But in fact it's not. It's just the shorter layers are at the front while the rest of my hair is tied back.

How many readers thought I had a haircut? I might cut it this short one day if I had the courage. What do you think? It'll be a big change.

Also, I've got a new personal blog if you guys are nosey into my personal life and wonder what goes through my mind. ;). Follow :)

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  1. I really thought you did and I was shocked haha! I think you look gorgeous with long hair, but even if you cut it it's still somewhat long. ^^

  2. Whoa, it looks so legit :p
    That'd be cute! Your hair color is gorgeous btw :]

  3. I think that length would look great on you. It's not too short but big enough of a change. It does look like someone chopped off your hair though. Maybe you could make it a new look. Tie your long layers up and leave the short layers down. =p It's an instant new do!

    <3 s.

  4. Haha! I just cut my hair four inches myself, as did my friend. Maybe it's something in the blogger air? I think your new do looks super cute!


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