Trio Colour Layering System

26 February 2011

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Andrea Fulerton is a nail technician and has launched her own nail products. This has been launched a few months ago. There's this one series that interests me which is this Trio Colour Layering System, states:
"A unique and genius new colour layering system giving you the creative freedom to choose from 48 shade choices to suit your mood or occasion! This space-saving, double-ended bottle of nail varnish contains a different colour at either end. Choose from either of the two colours or layer them over each other to create a unique 3rd colour or effect."

This is only available in the UK and in selected Superdrug stores. I've seen this at my local Superdrugs store and is £8.19. Sounds expensive but you get 3 colours with this price.

What do you think of these? Which ones would you like to try?

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  1. These are great as a novelty but I can't say I would be too pleased with the effort!

  2. Nice :O that like 3 colors in one nailpolish .. <3 who can say no to that ..

  3. creative idea, but I personally dont like any of the mixed colours haha and wouldn't having one of the polishes upside down cause it's whole brush wand and above to be covered in nail polish, which would semi drip down when you turn it back? :l

  4. i loveeee foxy lady :O how dare you say you don't like any of the mixed colours :P it's an unsaturated blue and orange. they're complementary colours and when mixed together, they turn to a nice neutral brown. and brown looks good in combination with the blue or orange. the three shades also look great together. i would so buy this...if i was a girl...or if it was socially acceptable for males to wear nail polish :P

  5. Very cool concept and product. Usually when I layer polishes they don't transform to a wearable color. Pretty impressed with this product. I think it would be fine to buy one that you really like. =P

    <3 s.


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