[NEWS] H&M Online UK Store Opens Today

16 September 2010

Screenshot of homepage:

I've been browsing around it for a good few hours, I've been adding thing to the shopping bag (click image to enlarge):

Total came to £197.80. I realised that I don't have to money for it at the moment. I''ll be purchasing when I go back to university and my student loan comes in. Think I'll have to cut down on the list but they're all "necessities".

The site is easy to browse around. I think that there aren't enough products on yet but it currently does had a wide choice.

Now I wished that there wasn't an online H&M store now.

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  1. Ehh, I went to Birmingham H&M the other day and there was way more stuff in store - o - I hope they keep adding to the storeee...

  2. LOL that's a HUGE list! Gotta' love H&M<3

  3. DAMN you chose a lot of cute things! I've never shopped at H&M before, but I'd like to go in sometime. I guess they only opened an online store for UK buyers? :?

  4. I'm SOOOO JEALOUS that H&M has online store in Europe! THey really need to bring that over to CANADA RIGHT NOW! <3

  5. aww.. I love H&M, But only in UK? :(

  6. Online shopping is sooo good yet SOOO bad. I always end up web shopping for stuff but closing the browser before I click the purchase button. >.< It's so easy to shop online.

    You picked out a nice selection though for sure. You should maybe wait till they have a sale or something. I'm not sure if or when they will but you never know!

    <3s Serena.

  7. Oh, I'm SO glad the webshop is only available for the UK, haha! XD

  8. you're very lucky! haha yeah i usually add about $200 worth of things to my basket then slowly remove until i can afford it x_x

  9. That is a looooooooooong list!!
    I wish they would open a H&M in Australia.. but I bet they will never have one!!!

  10. ooo... about time they got an online store^^ going to have a look now~~ xx


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