[HOTD] Japanese Style Bun and Roots

19 April 2010

I didnt style my hair as I wasn't going out. Haven't been out for the past week. Stayed in to study as those who followed my twitter, had saw a lot of tweets of my studying hours, work, stress etc haha. It'll be like this until 4th June when my last exam finishes. I did post an advance apology on my twitter:
"would like to apologise in advance for my foul language on twitter/fb/in person (may bite your head off)/txt etc from now til 4th june".
Yep, I'm under a lot of stress at the moment. :'(

I remember seeing this style in a Japanese magazine and thought I'd try it out. Tried to get it at all angles but getting a picture from the back was the hardest. This is a different type of bun than I did in a past HOTD. Pictures and please excuse my roots:

 ^Only took a side profile as I had no makeup on and I was breaking out a hell of a lot due to stress. >< Looks like im wearing one of them hair bun wigs due to my roots. Haha


If you follow my twitter, you know that I posted this picture a few days ago and said it was 2 inches worth of roots. Yes, I did actaully measure it. Haha. I'll be redying it on Sunday, so I will do a post on before and after pictures as well as the process. xD So this week, I'm being extra nice to my hair. Not using any heat tools or products, just shampoo, condition and air-dry. xD Then dye it on Sunday before third semester of university officially starts and exams ruin my life.

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  1. nicol, loveee the bun! it would be great to see a video of how u put this bun together!

  2. we do it slightly different i think but its cute too!

  3. {*AwWww} Sorry to hear you've been under so much stress Nicol. I wish you the best of luck! Good luck studying.

    This is a really cute updo. I'm the same way; when I'm lazy I usually put my hair in a bun. But not a bun as cute as yours of course.

    Take pictures of your new hair please! Would love to see it. =]

    <3 Serena.

  4. I like the bun, it's very cute x3

  5. Really really cute!
    Hope your stress level will calm down soon... I eat grapefruits when I'm stress. Apparently citrus fruits calms stress levels.

    I've received your gift! Thank you! I've posted it up so please take a look ;)

  6. thanks girlie I feel a lot better now :) loving your hair bun =) Good luck for the exams ^^ don't get too stressed out ><

  7. :/ sorry to hear you're so stressed! I love your bun though! It's cute! <3

  8. awww, sorry about the stress !
    how'd you do your bun ??

  9. aaaaaaaaaahhh I hate roots! Since dying my hair light brown/dark blonde its like a never ending battle.
    Hope your exams go well :)
    I just had my first one today.

  10. I love your hair color. It's such a pretty color! :)

    Good luck in your studies! It's not for a while. June is around the corner... hehe~ I know you don't feel that way but it is.


    carmy ?!: erm its different to a bun that i did. ill do a video in the future, after exams :)

  12. You should really do some hair tutorials! Maybe makeup tutorials?

  13. ^ive done a few make up tutorials
    i will do more after the exams are over which is like 2 months.
    a lot of people have sugessted hair tutorials etc

  14. love the bun!
    I always like girls with bun, they look very chic~
    will try this out too^^



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