[FOTD + TIPS] Passport Photo + Tips + Past Photo

05 March 2010

My passport photo which has been taken a few days ago (i have chubby cheeks):

Hair looks black with bits of brown eventhough its fully brown ><
Products Used:
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation in 180 Sand Beige
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent (Used very lightly and sparingly)
Bourjois Blush in 54 Rose Frisson

False Eyelashes
GOSH Extreme Art Eyeliner in 07 Black


Very little products used.

Makeup Tips For Taking Passport Photos
-Go for a simple makeup look rather than a heavy look otherwise it may not look like you. Most natural looking is best. Neutral colours are best.
-Use matte products rather than glittery/shimmery ones. Using glittery/shimmery products may give you a weird shine in areas as the flash is reflected from them. Always use MATTE products!
-Ever wondered why in some pictures, females' faces looks paler than the rest of their body? The foundation has SPF in them. Stick to foundations which doesn't have SPF in them or very low SPF. (For example, I used Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation in 180 Sand Beige which has a SPF of 6).
-Definately make sure that the foundation is the right colour for you!
-Blot before you take the pictures if you have oily skin.
-Wear blush. It will make you look healthy as flash may make you look washed out.
-Wear chapstick/vasaline. You want chapped lips to show up on the photo.
-Lightly wear powder. Too much and it will look cakey. Not a good look.
-Define eyebrows.


Randomly, I was comparing my new passport photo to my old secondary school dinner card. And oh boy have I changed a LOT! See for yourself *embarrassed*:

Lost a LOT of weight. Looks like I have acorns stored in my mouth in both pictures. Haha. Ewww greasy hair!

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  1. Ohhhhhhhh my gosh ;o
    You've changed so much! Looks like a completely different person ._.

  2. woooow respect!! how did you loose so much weight?

  3. you've changed a lot! for the better of course =)

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  5. Omggg. You look sooo different. Cute passport pic ;3


  6. Your passport picture turned out so nicely! My passport picture is old & embarrassing :( LOL.

  7. I like your new pic! Love the hair :D

  8. WOW nicol you'v come a long way hey? lol,, oh well as long as you look good now!! :D

  9. Wow, you have really changed! Your new pic is really good, you look beautiful~

  10. haha its ok! we`ve all been through those stages! a ugly duckling became a beautiful swan! :)

  11. I'm jealous you look so cute in your passport picture!!You look completely different! I always look like crap in my pictures thanks for the tips:)

  12. hey nicol i hope you are doing well! i personally think you have changed a lot but still look very cute in both =] you know what my passport is expired. LOL. its not for me to get a new one as well as a new pic so I can travel this summer! >.<

  13. wow, you've really changed a lot o_o !!

  14. wow.
    Can i ask what you did to lose so much weight?
    you look completely different!

  15. yay good job! u look soo different ! lol :)

  16. Very good job girl! Love the make-up work ;)

  17. Ooooo you have really huge pupils :o
    Your passport pic turn out well :)
    Hey, what happened to "You follow me = Me follow you :) ♥" Because Your not following me so it seems ;__; I only just realised it says that after I followed you =p

  18. Yeahh I'm sure :p I see your passport post on my updates =) I looked at your followers and I found My pic, You just missed me, never minds :D

    You should of spoke to me on the chat box thing xD I'm talking to my self on there haha. You should gett one :D

  19. how you can be so thin? share please!

  20. Lols I agree with the comment above.. I want to know too!

    Wow u have changed a lot.

    thanks for the tips on passport.. Im never ever happy with my passport pics usually.

    Shan x

  21. whoa you changed a lot! truly looks like two different people thats for sure...well thats what i wouldve thought if you hadnt stated. and your so adorable:)

  22. WOW! that does not look like you at all!! how did u lose so much weight??

  23. You are too cute! I was a chubby child too.. haha

  24. thank you everyone! ive lost 21kg xD
    ill do a post on how ive lost all the weight :)

  25. You have changed a lot!!!

    Thanks a lot for the tips for pictures :)

  26. your eyes got so big too !!! LOL


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