[NOTD] Cute for Valentine's Day :)

06 February 2010

 A simple french with rhinestones. :) I think the only reason I said that it is cute for Valentine's because of the heart rhinestone on the thumb. xD
Maybelline Ultra Strong 3 in 1
Collection 2000 in Pearly White
Nail Rhinestone set

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  1. Wow...you have really nice nails! I love the very simple and sweet look!

    I love your display picture...you look like an anime character! very pretty!

  2. HI Nicol! i'm having my first giveaway with Audrey from Drey Jewelry. Are you interested in participating in this giveaway? I do hope so! >.<
    If you doooo, heres my card. jk lol heres my link via my blog for more info!:
    :D have a good day!!

  3. aww...very adorable indeed!!

    Happy (early) Valentine's day sweetie!

  4. You have really nice looking nails :) I probably need to get fakes ones done lol

  5. bowsnhearts: hehe thank you sweetie :)

    noriki: ooo i'll join in :D

    love, Sweetcheeks: awww happy early valentines day to u too! ^^ <3

    Carmen: thank you :) i cant stand fake nails. not sure why :/


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