Happy New Year

01 January 2010

Hi everyone, Happy New Year from England =P

Let me introduce myself:
Nicol, 18, Chinese, currently at university studying computer science, UK.

I fancied starting a beauty blog and just finished designing the layout and thought the first post would contain magazine scans from the latest issue of ViVi, Febuary 2010: (click to enlarge)

Sorry I can't read Japanese, I would've translated it for you guys.

What to expect from this blog:
I was thinking reviews, tutorials, hair, fashion, recent purchases etc.
and magazine scans from the latest issues.

I'm still a newbie in this beauty blog world so bear with me. ^^
I will try and update often. =D

I also have a personal blog:
I mainly type in Chinese but I do type in English as well. It's just about my daily life, how I'm feeling etc.

Follow Me. ^^

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  2. thanks so much for the follow! I've followed back as well (:

  3. Hey Nicol!

    I can't wait to read your blog posts! Keep them coming, pretty plz! 8)

    <3 Rena


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